Title: 研發聯盟執行業界科專計畫之運作績效研究—以TFT-LCD面板產業聯盟為例
Investigating the Operation and Performance Evaluation of ITDP on Promoting the Collaborative Research and Development among Enterprises- An Empirical Study of the Taiwan TFT-LCD Association (TTLA)
Authors: 呂心怡
Lu, Hsin-Yi
Chiang, Chi
Keywords: 研發聯盟;業界科專;資料包絡分析;績效評估;TFT-LCD;TTLA;R&D Alliance;ITDP;Data Envelopment Analysis;DEA;Performance Evaluation;TFT-LCD;TTLA
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 綜觀目前我國企業型態九成多為中小型企業,隨著國際經濟情勢變化及產業科技的發展趨勢,國內部分產業已具備豐富的研發能力,並積極邁向國際化及全面化。近年來,為求產業型態的多變轉型,企業間進行不同產業之間的跨領域結盟,亦或相同產業之間進行同領域的合作,以追求企業間最大合作綜效。 我國TFT-LCD面板產業為政府推動2006年兩兆雙星產業之一,當時政府為協助國內面板廠商聯合抗衡國外大廠,全力支持面板廠商籌組「前瞻技術研發聯盟」,期望透過同業廠商共同結盟合作研發前瞻技術,以提昇台灣面板產業整體競爭力。 故本研究主要內容在以TFT-LCD面板產業聯盟(TTLA)為實例,探討同業廠商籌組聯盟共同合作執行政府業界科專計畫(ITDP)研發之運作推動成效,透過國內外文獻探討及訪談TTLA專家代表等方式,整理歸納出成功推動同業研發聯盟之六項基本共通要件,並經由專家訪談中取得TTLA研發投入與產出項目,再依據資料包絡分析法(Data Envelopment Analysis,DEA)的理論,運用CCR、BCC模式,對比19項電資通訊領域之其他執行業界科專(ITDP)計畫績效互作評估建議;並進一步自評TTLA六分項各階段的執行績效,對其提出研發投入/產出效率的最佳評估建議。
Looking at the current 90% of Taiwanese enterprise infrastructure, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, with the changes in the international economic situation and industrial technological trends, the domestic part of the industry has a wealth of research and development capabilities, and actively towards internationalization and comprehensiveness. In recent years, for the sake of transformation of the current industrial infrastructure, cross-disciplinary industrial alliances or inter-industry collaborations are formed in the pursuit of the largest inter-enterprise cooperation synergy. Taiwan's TFT-LCD panel industry is one of "Two Trillion and Twin Star Development Program" that Taiwan government promoted in 2006. This government assistance program was for raising the competitiveness of its domestic panel makers against foreign manufacturers, fully supporting the establishment of "forward-looking technology research and development alliance" among domestic panel makers. This program hoped to enhance the overall competitiveness of Taiwan's flat panel industry through industry alliance and collaboration. The main content of this research use the Taiwan TFT-LCD Association (TTLA) as a case study to explore the effectiveness of ITDP on promoting the collaborative research and development among enterprises within the same industry. Based on domestic and international literature review and TTLA expert interviews, this study summarized the six common elements for successful promotion of the industry R & D alliances. Also, through expert interviews, this study identified the main inputs and outputs for TTLA R&D, and applies data envelopment analysis (DEA). Using the CCR and BCC models, this study conducted a comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of ITDP for 19 IT-related industries and provided recommendations. This study further provided the self-assessment of executive performance of the six categories of TTLA at the various stages and recommendations for the best R&D inputs and outputs efficiency.
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