Title: 以模擬方法探討交叉效率下的均衡解
A simulation-based study on the equilibrium of cross-efficiency
Authors: 王淳逸
Wang, Chun-I
Chen, Wen-Chih
Keywords: 資料包絡分析;交叉效率;均衡解;Data envelopment analysis;Cross efficiency;Equilibrium solution
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 資料包絡分析法(Data Envelopment Analysis, DEA)中的交叉分析效率是一項較精確的效率評估方法,因此使用交叉效率做為評估的關鍵績效指標。並探討各決策單位在追求更高的績效時,根據本文所提出的決策模型及模擬方法,可以觀察到受評估的決策單位,會產生賽局理論中的均衡解,不偏離目前策略下的一個均衡狀態,且此均衡解可以使用較少的投入量達到對產出量的要求,且降低總投入成本。因此以交叉效率作為關鍵績效指標時,各決策單位在追求高報酬下,會產生均衡狀態。
Cross efficiency in Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is a peer-evaluating method for measuring relative performance. This work investigates cross efficiency in a game-based framework, in which each firm can reallocate the resources to maximize its cross efficiency. In particular, we study the decision-making via simulation studies. The results show the existence of equilibrium and give some implications. Some insightful discussions are provided for using cross efficiency as a performance indicator.
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