Title: 台灣一類電信營運商由WiMAX網路轉換至TD-LTE網路之效益分析
A Beneficial Analysis for WiMAX Operators to Migrate Their Network from WiMAX to TD-LTE
Authors: 劉才華
Liu, Tsai-Hwa
Jen, William
Keywords: 第四代通訊技術;長期演進技術;長期演進分頻多工技術;長期演進分時多工技術;全球互通微波存取技術;情境分析法;4G;LTE;LTE FDD;TD-LTE;WiMAX;Scenario Analysis
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在觀察下世代寬頻無線通訊網路的演變和全球電信營運商的因應趨勢,以及探討台灣一類電信WiMAX營運商未來可能應對的發展方向。 本研究之標的係從技術、產業鏈、市場和管制政策等四方面,探討目前對於WiMAX轉換至 TD-LTE網路的技術整體解決方案,以及從網通產業鏈分析對WiMAX與TD-LTE網路發展之優缺點。並從全球市場和頻譜資源,推估系統轉換的資本投入和維運成本,以及未來可能產生旳效益。 研究方法則是針對產業界、學術和研究單位之網通產業專家進行深度訪談,並採用情境分析法將訪談結果整理,以歸納出對WiMAX業者適用的應對方案。 最終的研究結果顯示-若WiMAX業者確定將參與第四代(4G)行動寬頻通訊市場,可從WiMAX 轉換至 TD-LTE網路以突破困境,在下世代的電信市場尋得生機。 最後建議-WiMAX業者可嘗試以產學合作方式,借重學界研究團隊和研究能量,縮短WiMAX migrating to TD-LTE的時間和降低成本,以及開發4G時代多樣化的應用服務來增加競爭力,以儘速因應變動快速的電信市場。
The main purposes of this study aim to explore the evolution of broadband wireless communication network, and the global trends of response by telecom service providers. Then to find the possible strategies of Taiwan WiMAX operators for the future. To come out the total solution of migrating from WiMAX to TD-LTE network, this study focuses on four important aspects including technology, eco-system, market, and policy & regulation. The analysis on 4G mobile broadband communication eco-system is also used to identify the pros and cons of WiMAX and TD-LTE networks. Furthermore, this study to estimate the TCO (CAPEX and OPEX), and future profit from the migration for WiMAX operator based on current global market and policy of available 4G spectrums. The research method of this study is to perform in-depth interview with domain experts from the areas of industry, research, and academia. The scenario analysis method was applied to conclude the best solutions for WiMAX operators in Taiwan. According to the result, the WiMAX operators should migrate from WiMAX to TD-LTE network in order to survive in next generation 4G telecom market. We strongly suggest, the WiMAX operators may cooperate with the university research groups to speed up and lower the cost of migration. The research teams also can help WiMAX operators to develop more application services to improve the competence for the fast-changing telecom market.
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