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dc.contributor.authorKuan-Tzu Yangen_US
dc.contributor.authorYi-Shiung Yehen_US
dc.description.abstract隨著網路通訊與電子商務的蓬勃發展,電子付費在消費市場中扮演的角色將愈顯重要。在各種電子付費型式中,以加密線上信用卡式較為安全,但由於其處理成本較高,效率較差,並不適用於小額付費環境。在傳統的購物模式中,一般人需要帶著小額貨幣去購買日常生活用品、加油或取得勞務。這樣的模式造成銀行、商家與消費者諸多不便。電子錢包的使用不僅適用於各種購物環境,亦可以帶來許多好處,諸如減少消費者攜帶零錢的不方便,商家亦可快速實現帳款取得等。 此外,電子付費涉及金錢的移轉,因此交易的安全性與機密性是一項重要的議題。相較於其它型式的電子錢包,Java Card更能夠提供電子錢包所需之安全性及可攜性,是實作電子錢包的最佳基體。 縱觀台灣市面上現有之電子錢包產品,各家規格與系統不相容與種種使用限制的不便阻礙電子錢包使用之便利性及推廣,消費者無法做持有單一卡片執行所有小額消費付款。有鑑於此,本論文將實作一個結合世界知名大廠所共同開發電子錢包規格(CEPS)與Java Card之優點的電子錢包。本實作系統適用於小額付費之離線式購物環境,其中包含Java Card端與Terminal端的程式以及採用公開金鑰與私密金鑰加密方法執行身份認證與秘密資料的傳輸,以確保交易安全。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractWith growing popularity of network communication and electronic commerce, electronic payment plays a more and more important role in consumption market. Among all electronic payment types, cryptographic on-line credit card type is more secure. But due to the high processing cost and bad performance, it’s not suitable for micro-payment environment. In the daily purchase model, people need to take along with some small-value money to make commodity purchase, to fuel up, or pay for some services. This model will take some drawbacks for Banks, merchants and consumers. Using electronic purse can provide a great benefit for human being. For instance, you don’t need to take coins to shop and merchant will get payment quickly. Furthermore, electronic payment involves a core topic named funds transfer, in which the security and confidentiality are important issues. In comparison with other type of electronic purse, Java card can afford higher security and portability to be as a base on implementation of electronic purse. Making a comprehensive survey of Taiwan’s electronic purse production, because of discrepancy and incompatibility among the electronic purse of specifications and systems, shopping convenience and e-purse promotion are up against obstruction. In other words, people can’t only take one card to make general small-value purchase. For this reason, I implement a electronic purse system combined with advantages of common electronic purse specification and java card. This system suitable for micro-value and off-line payment, contains card and terminal sides programs. Besides, it adopts public-key and secret-key cryptography mechanisms for authentication and secret transportation.en_US
dc.subjectJava Cardzh_TW
dc.subjectSmart Carden_US
dc.subjectJava Carden_US
dc.subjectElectronic Purseen_US
dc.title實作遵從CEPS與結合Java Card之電子錢包zh_TW
dc.titleImplementation of Electronic Purse with Java Card and Compliant with CEPSen_US
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