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dc.contributor.authorTimothy Hunen_US
dc.contributor.authorC. F. Yangen_US
dc.description.abstract技術研發是台灣晶圓代工產業的核心競爭力,但研發本身所具之高度複雜及變動性,加上相關專業知識的不同深度及廣度,要如何把整個流程中所產生的知識,系統化的呈現並儲存起來,是目前晶圓代工廠商所面臨的重大議題。這些知識,若不有效的管理,則很快的就會隨著一個世代的技術過時而消失。 本研究目的是建立一個適用於晶圓代工產業研發單位的知識管理系統,留住技術研究的過程與結果,如研發新製程技術或先進製程開發專案、專家經驗、實驗等。本研究根據晶圓代工研發特性,加上深入訪談研發單位人員,擬定研發知識管理的策略,並設計出一資訊整合平台-將原本分散於各單位的開發資訊管理、研發技術轉移管理、研發後勤管理、研發專案管理及研發實驗管理,結合知識創造、整合、儲存、轉移為核心流程,建立一個入口平台,並找出績效指標來確認系統的效益。最後以A公司個案為對象進行實例驗證,透過本研究之研發知識管理系統,使公司在複雜的技術開發資訊整合上提昇效率,每一世代的技術知識、經驗得以不斷累積。 從案例研究中發現: 一、研發知識的產出透過策略、資訊平台建立、績效指標發展,可達到知識創造、整合、儲存及轉移並持續再利用。 二、研發組織需有專責單位作全面且永續性的研發知識管理。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe technology of research and development (R&D) form the core competitive force in Foundry Industry. But the process flow of research is highly complex, easily changed, and above of all related professional knowledge around different depth and width. A major subject of Foundry Industry is how to systematically express the produced knowledge in the whole process flow, and to store it. The technology in one generation out of fashion will disappear, if it couldn’t be managed efficiently. The purpose of this paper is to set up one knowledge management system suitable for R&D department to keep the research processing and result. For example, the project of new developing processing technology or the project of advanced processing development, expert experience, or experiment and so on... This study is based on the characteristic of R&D in foundry industry and deeply investigates the employee of R&D, then draws up the strategy of knowledge management and designs one platform of integrating information. The entrance platform sets up by connecting Development Information management, Development technology Transfer Management, Logistic Management, Development Project Management and Development Experiment Management located originally in each department, and by forming the core flow that combines with knowledge creation, knowledge integratation , storage and transfer,and find out one achievement index to make sure the benefit of system. This study provides the core flow of R&D knowledge management uses one IC Foundry in Taiwan as the individual case, sets up the platform of R& D knowledge management. We also could find out two points from the individual case. The development knowledge results from the strategy, information platform, and achievement index. By this procedure, we could reach the target of knowledge creation, knowledge integration, storage, and repeatedly use the knowledge. One special department is necessary in the organization of R&D, and it could do R& D knowledge management in over all and permanent. The concrete result of this study includes of the strategy of development knowledge management, setting up one system, finding one achievement index, and verifying this model by the individual case.en_US
dc.subjectknowledge management, R&D flow, Foundryen_US
dc.titleA Study of Knowledge Management System for R&D of Taiwan Foundry Industryen_US
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