Title: 193奈米微影用鉬矽氧氮高透射率嵌附式減光型相移圖罩材質之研究
Study of High Transmittance MoSiON Embedded Material for Embedded Attenuated Phase-Shifting Mask in 193 nm lithography.
Authors: 張曜宇
Chang Yao-yu
Dr. Loong Wen-an
Keywords: 193奈米;鉬矽氧氮;高透射率;嵌附式減光型相移圖罩;微影;193 nm;MoSiON;High Transmittance;AttPSM;lithography
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 本論文重點在研究適用於193奈米波長微影用鉬矽氧氮(MoSiON)嵌附層材質。 MoSiON嵌附層之光學性質可藉靶材功率大小、通入不同氣體,或氣體流量的改變,使其有可調性,以達成193奈米微影下所需之光學性質。 本論文製備之MoSiON符合193奈米波長下高透射率減光型相移圖罩之光學性質,折射率n為1.897、吸收係數k為0.243、透射率T為15.79%、反射率R為9.93%、相移180度厚度d180為107.58 nm;唯以365 nm波長檢測時,T為79.62%,透射率太高,宜改用其他T較低檢測波長。 由傅利葉轉換紅外線光譜儀(FTIR)及X射線能量散佈分析儀(EDS)結果分析,薄膜之光學性質改變與其組成成份有關。以濺鍍方式沉積嵌附層材料時,無法直接控制薄膜組成成份,只可間接控制濺鍍時之環境,故薄膜之光學性質可調控之能力不足。 本論文除探討影響薄膜光學性質之原因外,亦初步討論MoSiON嵌附層浸泡至硫酸及氨水中之抗酸鹼性,氣體流量對薄膜之導電性影響,及三種光學量測方式量測薄膜光學參數之比較。
In this thesis, the preparation of MoSiON film was focused as the embedded material in 193 nm lithography. By adjusting the power of target DC plasma, using different gases, and changing gas flux, the optical properties of MoSiON embedded layer can be manipulated to meet the required optical properties in 193 nm lithography. MoSiON prepared in this study met the required optical properties as high transmittance AttPSM in 193 nm lithography. The results are as follows: n 1.897, k 0.243, T 15.79%, R 9.93% and d180 107.58 nm. However, under the mask inspecting wavelength of 365 nm I-line, the T is 79.62% and is too high, inspecting wavelength should be switched to other wavelength with lower T. According to FTIR & EDS analyses, the variations of optical properties of MoSiON film are directly related to its composition. The deposition of the film by sputtering, the deposition environment can be controlled but not the composition, therefore, the manipulation of optical properties of the MoSiON film is insufficient. Besides the study of factors which affect optical properties of MoSiON film, the resistance to acid and base, the influence of gas flux to conductivity and the comparisons of three optical measurements for the thin film’s optical properties were also studied.
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