Title: 自行車煞車測試系統之程式設計
Design Software for a Dynamic Test Rig on Bicycle Braking System
Authors: 廖昱維
Yu-Wei Liao
Ching-Huan Tseng
Keywords: 自行車;煞車;軟體;程式設計;測試台;Bicycle;Brake;Software;Test Rig
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 目前所能搜尋到的自行車煞車測試機台相關資料,雖有動態方面測試的模擬,但對自行車煞車時的重心轉移的現象,卻沒有適當模擬與測試系統的相關資料。因此對於真實煞車行為的模擬,需要進一步做研究。因為有些未知的實際煞車現象,可能因而被忽略了。所以,發展一套適當的重心移轉之煞車模擬的測試平台,將有其必要性。 本論文的目的,在配合新發展出的動態重心轉移之自行車煞車測試系統的硬體,來設計一套完整的測試軟體。除可即時記錄煞車行為與測試個別煞車功能之外,並藉由所量測的數據資料作進一步的分析,可以對實際的煞車動態,與背後的物理現象,做進一步的探討與瞭解。並能對未來自行車煞車的設計與安全測試提供一份參考。
After making a survey for the bicycle test rigs that can be searched nowadays, one can find that there are some references about dynamic test on bicycle braking system. However, discussion the important braking conditions, load-transfer effect, there is few reference to mention about these simulation and the test system. It requires an additional hypothesis or inference to simulate the real braking behavior in the further study. In these conditions, some unknown braking conditions maybe ignored unconsciously. Therefore, an appropriate braking simulation with load-transfer effect will be developed to a better test braking system. The object of this study is to design complete test software, which can work on a new developed dynamic bicycle test rig. It can record real-time braking signals in the testing for the specific functions on bicycle braking system. The whole results of braking behavior by means of analyzing the testing data can be obtained in this study, and expecting to provide this study a reference for further design and safety testing on the bicycle braking system.
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