Title: 考慮機床動態之切削/進給整合研究
A Study on The Interweaving Dynamics of Cutting and Feeding of Machine Tools
Authors: 吳振緯
Zhen-Wei Wu
Jih-Hua Chin
Keywords: 進給;切削;交叉耦合;工具機;feed;cut;cross-coupled;machine
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 銑削加工為諸多精密加工方法中廣泛使用的一種,如何使產品加工至精密的尺寸一直是工業界與學術界重要的課題。改善銑削工具機精度方面大多是經由控制方法的改良改進銑削加工時的輪廓誤差,而忽略真實切削過程中切削動態對路徑追蹤的影響。但事實上平台的進給會影響切削動態,使切削動態因進給而改變,並進而影響工件的輪廓精度,輪廓誤差的變化又會影響進給的運作,二者交互作用。故本論文將以路徑追蹤為基礎,加入切削動態系統,綜合考慮切削過程中的進給系統和切削系統,探討其交互作用對輪廓精度與表面精度所造成的影響。
Milling is a widely used technique among plenty of machining operations. It has been studied for a long time to get better precision in milling procedure. The improvement of controller is mostly proposed to reduce the contour error. However, most controllers developed for machine center ignore the influence of cutting dynamics, which is concerned with contour error, on path tracking. In fact, contour error affects the operation of controller, and the controller varies cutting dynamics, which influences contour error. The interweaving phenomenon between these three should be considered in the study of milling operation. This paper is based on path tracking and combined with cutting dynamics to make a comprehensive study about the interweaving dynamics between feeding and cutting system.
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