Title: 探討風險知覺中安全與穩私對消費者使用行動商務意願的影響
Consumer Perception of Privacy and Security Risks for Mobile Commerce
Authors: 陳弘家
Keywords: 電子商務;行動商務;風險知覺;隱私;安全;E-commerce;Mobile Commerce;Risk Perception;Privacy;Security
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract:   2002年政府開放第三代行動通訊執照,第三代所提供高速行動傳輸將促使行動商務發展。消費者藉由無線通訊系統可以在任何時間、地點完成交易和接取資料,消費者個人資料將會在電信系統商與內容提供者流通。由於隱私與安全被認為是推動電子商務的主要障礙,且行動商務架構類似網際網路電子商務。因此,本研究探討風險知覺中隱私與安全對消費者使用行動商務的影響,並討論網路及行動電路使用經驗程度的影響。發現隱私與安全的風險知覺對於消費者使用行動商務意願有顯著的負面影響,最後並討論行動商務應用與消費者的權益。
The government has released the 3G mobile communication license in 2002. 3G mobile communication system supplies high-speed mobile transmission. Consumers can use mobile commerce system to make transactions and access information in anytime and anywhere. The personal information will be exposed to system vendors and content providers. Information privacy and security have been the major obstacles in the development of consumer-related e-commerce. The mobile commerce system is similar to e-commerce system. This research explores risk perception of privacy and security among consumers of varying levels of Internet experience and how these perceptions relate to mobile commerce. The risk perception of privacy and security significantly affect the willingness of consumers to use mobile commerce. The implications of mobile commerce and consumer welfare are discussed.
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