Title: 台灣地區大型量販店營業課長職能之個案研究
Case Study of Taiwan Hypermarket Sales Manager Competency Requirement Research
Authors: 邱曉萍
Hsiao Ping Chiu
Chin-Tsai Lin
Keywords: 量販店;職能需求;營業課長;hypermarket;competency;sales manager
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 台灣地區量販店於短短十幾年間迅速發展,徹底改變了台灣地區民眾的消費型態。市場的快速成長,伴隨著市場的飽和所呈現是更加激烈的競爭環境;消費型態的轉變,民眾更加注重消費時的咐加價值。台灣量販業對於人才的高度需求,因此為因應企業策略性的需求,職能模式導入可有效地整合人力資源制度。本研究訪談了量販業者、個案公司的高階主管、營業課長的直屬主管及營業課長,及在個案公司施以職能表現的評量,進而進行了資料分析。最後歸納出4大職能構面、10個職能項目、及62個行為指標。 此10個職能項目應用在現有營業課長的教育訓練及發展上,可規劃出階段式的職能訓練,依序為第一階段的「品質堅持」與「工作時間有效管理」,第二階段的「商品銷售知識及技能」、「員工工作教導與回饋」、「主動積極顧客回應」及「自我生活調適」及第三階段的「庫存管理知識及技能」、「全方位溝通」、「顧客需求掌握」及「自我職涯規劃」以求有系統及循序漸進式的績效改進。同時,此職能模式與營業課長的人力資源規劃結合,可有效控制營業課長的質與量;用於遴選及培養營業課長的儲備幹部。因此,本研究的職能模式,可改善營業課長的績效,亦可使企業營運目標得以實現。
During the last ten years, there was a great revolutionary change in Taiwan retailing industry. The penetration of hypermarket in Taiwan changes the consumption trend. Follow with the rapid growing and market maturity, the competition within the industry is more severe. On the other hand, the turning trend of consumption leads consumers to expect more products value-added. We must not lose a minute to train and develop talents in accordance with company strategy and operation. The application of competency model can consolidate all human resources system to bring the human resources into full usage. After review all related references and interview some hypermarket managers, case company executives, the supervisors of sales manager and sales manager incumbents, this research collect all competency behavior indicators and then put into data analysis. In conclusion, four competency dimensions, ten competency items and sixty two behavior indicators were found out. Then the ten competency items can be applied in training and development of sales manager. Sales manager can follow this gradual training path to improve their performance systematically. We start with “quality focus” and “working time effective management” training. Next , we train the sales manger with “ selling knowledge and skills” , “employee job instruction and feedback”, “ aggressive customer reaction” and “ self life arrangement ” .Finally , we focus on “inventory management knowledge and skills” , “ full-dimension communication” , “customer demand control ” and “ self career planning”. Meanwhile, the combination of competency model and human resources planning can control the sales manager quality and quantity effectively. Moreover, we also use the ten competency items to select sales manager candidate and train them. Summarily, this research extracts ten competency items to improve sales manager performance and achieve business goal.
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