Title: 一個2.4GHz具有低寄生雜頻和正交相位輸出之互補式金氧半頻率合成器
A CMOS 2.4GHz Low Spurious and Quadrature output frequency synthesizer
Authors: 李彥伯
Yen-Po Lee
Chung-Yu Wu
Keywords: 頻率合成器;正交相位產生器;Frequency synthesizer;Quadrature phase generator
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 本篇論文描述一個工作在2.4GHz 互補式金氧半導體電荷泵及正交相位產生器,並將這兩個電路應用在整數除頻頻率合成器中。 本論文實現了一個已提出的電荷泵電路,這個電路具有完美的電流匹配特性,可以有效的抑制雜頻的產生。本論文也提出了一個改良過的全新架構的正交相位產生器,將這兩個電路應用在2.4GHz的整數除頻頻率合成器中,以台灣積體電路製造股份有限公司以0.25微米製程實現,並自行量測完成。量測結果顯示本架構可使雜頻訊號叫主訊號低六十五分貝,而產生的正交相位訊號則因寄生效應過大,只有10~12dB的境像頻率拒斥,並未達到接收端所需求之足夠的鏡像頻率拒斥。
A design of 2.4GHz CMOS charge pump and quadrature phase generator used in integer-N frequency synthesizer is described in this thesis. A charge pump that has been presented is also realized in this thesis. This charge pump with perfect current matching characteristics can reduce the reference spurious. The improved and proposed whole new quadrature phase generator and a 2.4GHz integer-N frequency synthesizer including this two blocks is fabricated using a standard TSMC 0.25um CMOS process and has been measured completely. The measurement results of this chip exhibit the spurious tones of –65dBc @ fref below carry. But because the parasitic effect over expect, the image-rejection ratio is 10~12dB. This performance provides insufficient image rejection ratio in the most RF receiver architecture.
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