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dc.contributor.authorWan-Chi Huangen_US
dc.contributor.authorDr. Jing-Jang Hwangen_US
dc.description.abstract為了因應知識經濟時代中速度的競爭與市場的變化,組織必須不斷地改變與更新才能夠做出積極的回應。因此,知識與組織學習成為企業組織永續經營與成長的原動力。 近年來,為了有效提升企業的核心競爭力,相當多的企業積極的發展員工的線上學習環境。然而,目前廣範被討論的「線上學習」較偏重於將訓練課程的內容置於網路上供學員存取,或者利用學習管理平台(LMS)去追蹤其的學習進度和績效。這些方式確實有助於增進內部訓練的效益,但是線上訓練(online training)與線上學習(e-Learning)並不能夠畫上等號,因為人類所學的知識並非都是來自正式的教學活動;反而往往是在不經意的情境下,從周遭環境和在社群中溝通、互動來達到學習的效果。 有鑑於此,本研究提出一個結合學習社群互動概念與知識管理機制的線上學習網站的架構,並為此種架構的線上學習網站設計專屬的權限控管機制與知識地圖。主要的核心概念在於應用知識分享的觀念於線上學習中,強調的是群組協同式學習,希望藉此能提升學習效率。主要的研究重點在於:創造群組合作環境,作到知識分享與交流;設計權限控管機制,確保知識資源的安全性;建立知識地圖,將知識有組織的呈現給使用者。 此外,以交通大學ESC研究室網站的設計為例,採取本研究所提出的方法實際建構知識管理型線上學習網站,印證其可行性。zh_TW
dc.description.abstract  In this global era of knowledge economy, knowledge and organizational learning have become the driving forces that promote the growth and movement of a corporate organization. As a result, more corporate businesses have prioritized the focus on e-Learning as a main concern over the recent years. Yet, existing e-Learning study consists of the development and execution of Online Training, which is achieved by storing training content on the Internet, or utilizing an LMS to track employee learning process and to provide progress reports. Results do show that these methods help improve interior training, but it does not necessarily complete the equation between Online Training and e-Learning. Various researches show that humans do not necessarily accumulate all their knowledge from formal learning activities such as training sessions or classes; knowledge is often known and best accumulated via occasional opportunities or unforeseen events. In other words, people are used to achieve the learning process from communications with others or via interactions with the environment. Therefore, this research introduces a framework for an e-Learning Portal designed based upon the concept of Knowledge Management with additional efforts to exclusively design an access control mechanism and a Knowledge Map. Its core concepts are based on the application of the idea of knowledge sharing on e-Learning, with a centered scope on group collaborative learning in hopes of increasing learning efficiency. The main focus of this research is to construct a collaborative learning space for knowledge share and exchange, to devise an access control scheme for protection of knowledge resources, and, in term, develop a Knowledge Map, which offers systematically organized knowledge to the user. In addition, the ESC website, official e-Learning Portal of the NCTU Information Security Lab, was designed based upon the methods proposed. And thus providing evidence for a potential application of the proposal stated in this research.en_US
dc.subjectKnowledge Managementen_US
dc.subjectKnowledge Mapen_US
dc.subjectCollaborative Learningen_US
dc.titleDesign of an e-Learning Portal based upon the Concept of Knowledge Concepten_US
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