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dc.description.abstract中國大陸市場的進入策略與實踐 學生:曹敏人 指導教授:朱博湧 許祿寶 國立交通大學 高階主管管理學程碩士班 摘要 中國擁有巨大的市場,也擁有低廉充沛的勞力,每個廠家均希望能順利登陸,成功建立中國市場之灘頭堡,完成企業供應鏈的的產業分工與全球佈局。 但是一提到投資大陸市場, 大家就想到下列問題: 1. 千頭萬緒要如何著手進行? 2. 要以代工製造為主? 或是自營品牌? 3. 要花多少開辦費用? 是否要投入很大的資金? 4. 要派多少人手? 5. 要選在哪裡登陸? 要選擇那個地點投資? 6. 要花多少時間完成設立第一個據點? 7. 要冒多少風險? 可以立即投資回收嗎? 本論文紀錄Shanghai Chu-Ke Electronic Inc.以8個月時間(2001年5月~12月)自登陸上海到實際開始營業的運作過程,使用人力資金,決策模式與營運結果。 本文希望提供下列資訊給未來欲進入中國市場創業之廠商作為參考: 1. 一個符合<低風險高獲利> 邏輯的 創業投資思維模式 2. 設立據點及參加展覽之成本費用之概念 3. 根據參加三次不同性質展覽, 對於 中國上海市場的研判分析 4. 結論zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe Entrance Strategy and Practices of China Market Student: Reno M. Tsao advisor: Po-Young Chu L.P. Hsu Master Program of Management for Executives National Chiao Tung University ABSTRACT Facing the rapidly rising huge emerging market of China which is abundance of all resources such as low cost labor, billions potential consumers, endless low cost industrial land, encouraging low tax policy, exhaustless highly educated human resource….etc, most of Taiwan companies have no choice but to embrace it as soon as possible. If a plant is successfully established in China and can serve as a competent and efficient supplier to support our global supply chain, then creating a global brand will be no more impossible. However there are so many uncertain questions to be answered: 1. How to start the investigating and evaluation? 2. Should we start from OEM business just as many other successful pioneers did? Or should we start from creating our own brand instead? 3. How much capital shall we pour in? 4. How big will the risk be? How long will it take to get the initial investment back? 5. How many staffs needed for the investment project? 6. China is so big. Where is the right spot for us to establish the first plant? 7. How many months for the first plant to take for launching the product? This essay documents the decision and operating process, business model, strategies, products selection methods, cash consumption, layout of human resources, marketing survey and the operation result of entrance stage (from May to the end of 2001) of Shanghai Chu-Ke Electronic Inc. The following suggestions are summarized for those who have plans of entering China market. 1. A new entrepreneurial business model of low risk/high return is proposed. 2. A preliminary marketing study collects the cost of attending exhibition and establishing a company with less than 8 staffs. 3. A market survey and an analysis of Shanghai area are obtained via three different exhibitions experiences. 4. Innovative entrance and development strategies of the targeted case are concluded.en_US
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dc.titleThe Entrance Strategy and Pratices of China Marketen_US
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