Title: 管絃樂曲《如夢令》及其創作理念
Like A Dream (for soprano and orchestra) & its idea
Authors: 潘文珍
Pan, Wem-Chen
Wu, Ting-lien
Keywords: 如夢令;Like A Dream
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: 本論文包含二個部分,一部份為管絃樂曲《如夢令》,另一部份為說明 此曲之創作理念的文字敘述。 《如夢令》是一首為女高音與管絃樂團而創作的管絃樂作品,其形式 由三個樂章串聯而成,這三個樂章之關係彼此各自獨立,卻又相互對比映 照;此曲曲名也因歌詞取自宋代女詞家李清照的作品《如夢令》而依其詞 牌之名為名。 心之動為「意」,為主體對客體把握到的所有意象之總合、凝聚,爾後 散發出的一個整體質。在這首管絃樂創作中,我只是忠實地把自己透過對 詩人生命處境的了解而捕捉、把握到的這三首詞在「情」、「景」上的渲染 力及感受,藉由音樂 ── 其中情境與意境的鋪陳、營造,及每個樂段裡, 成分與成分之間所形成的表面關係,與潛藏在內的、經交感而衍生的表情 意義 ── 傳遞出來;換句話說,此首樂曲的寫作,可說是我對李清照這 三首《如夢令》,在音樂上所作的一個個人感受的傳釋,如此而已。
This thesis includes two parts: one is the work “Like A Dream for Orchestra and Soprano”, and the other is the interpretation of the ideas dealing with it. The name “Like A Dream” is derived and translated from three original poems “Ru Meng Ling(如夢令)” written by the poetess Lee, Ching Jao(1084--1155) in Sung Dynasty. The poems were threaded with three chapters and the relationship of all the chapters are independently yet relatively. The start of mind is realized as “Yee(意)” in Chinese. “Yee” is the accumulation and the coagulation of all images that were grasped by the “Subject” towards “Objects”. In this work I just faithfully try to figure out the emotions and its expansions of the feelings and sights in Lee’s poems through my understanding of her life. I also try to figure out the constructions and descriptions of the emotions and imaginations of the poems, and the internals and correspondences of the expression meanings in between the paragraphs and contents as well. In other words, the work I have made is just the musical interpretation of my feelings to Lee’s poems and nothing more.
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