Title: 管絃樂曲“凝視•剎那 ”及其創作理念
“Gazing•Moment” for Orchestra and Its Idea
Authors: 洪雅惠
Ya-Huei (Sunrise) Hung
楊 聰 賢
Dr. Tsung-Hsien Yang
Keywords: 凝視;剎那;管絃樂曲;四維空間;音樂意象;瞬時定格;Gazing;Moment;Orchestra;temporal issues
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: 本論文包括兩個部份:第一部份為管絃樂曲”凝視•剎那”,另一另一部份則為本曲創作理念之陳述。 ”凝視•剎那”是一首兩個樂章的管絃樂曲。全曲中,我將試圖藉由不同音樂事件的建立,來描繪關於凝視四維空間時的當下感受,即「時間的凝視」,並藉此將時間凝視的剎那轉化為意象的剎那,它是將時間瞬時定格而產生的音樂意象,本作品就是肇始於 這樣一個意象。 在本曲創作理念陳述的部份:首先將從探討”凝視•剎那”與個人生命的定位出發,進而研究”剎那”在攝影美學中所呈現的時空特質,最後再進一步說明我是如何將上述理念經由藝術感通的轉化機制落實於本作品中。
This thesis consists of two parts: the musical composition “Gazing•Moment”, and the written statement about the compositional ideas in this piece. There are two movements in the composition which is scored foran orchestra. The main idea has its origin in synaesthesia betweenphotography and music , it is my personal expression about life in general and arts in particular. In the statement , first I discussed the shared aesthetic concerns between the two arts on temporal issues , especially the decisive roleplayed by " moment ". And then in the second half , I explained howthe composition embodied the idea above.
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