Title: 半導體設備廠商評量精密陶瓷元件供應商之研究
Evaluation of ceramic component suppliers by semiconductor equipment vendors / manufactures
Authors: 洪于倢
Hung, Yu-Jie
Hsiao-Cheng Yu
Keywords: 精密陶瓷;陶瓷元件;半導體設備;advanced ceramics;ceramic component;semiconductor equipment;fine ceramics
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: 半導體產業的興盛,進而帶動對半導體材料需求的增加。精密陶瓷元件在半導體設備內之應用相當廣泛,尤其近年來台灣晶圓代工產業日益卓壯,再加上政府將其列為重點發展材料、以及政策上將有限度開放晶圓廠赴大陸投資,均意味著此一市場未來商機龐大。 本研究對精密陶瓷產業進行背景及現況說明,主要目的在於建立半導體設備/代理商採用精密陶瓷元件的評估模式。並實際經由問卷調查、AHP(層級分析法)以及利用模糊理論解模糊法(COA轉BNP法)等程序分析,以有系統整理並呈現受訪專家之意見,可以提供研究單位及陶瓷元件產業未來發展策略的參考。 本研究結果顯示,在目標構面上,「技術面」權重最高;而在跨目標準則分析權重中,以「價格及付款條件」最受重視、「品質穩定性」次之、「技術優異」第三。在評比的五大供應商中「Kyocera」之多目標效用值最高。
Semiconductor ceramics include ceramic material and ceramic parts / tools in IC fabrication. Because Taiwan foundry capacity is the best in the world, the demand for semiconductor ceramics is growing as rapidly as the growth of IC production. China is determined to establish its IC industry, which may become a major supplier of ICs to the world. Hence, China’s market for semiconductor ceramics is something to be expected. This research gave a thorough description of the background and current status of global semiconductor ceramic industry. The main goal was to establish a Multi-Criteria Decision Making assessment model, which can be used to evaluate semiconductor ceramic suppliers by vendors or representatives of semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Major semiconductor equipment vendors from Japan and the US were surveyed to come up with weighting factors for each evaluation criteria. The study results showed that a supplier’s technical capability is the most critical consideration. Among all criteria, “price and payment terms” has the highest weight, “quality stability” has the next highest weight, and “technical superiority” has the third highest weight. Comparing the five world leading semiconductor ceramic suppliers, Kyocera has the highest utility score according to overall survey responses.
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