Title: 經營網路資料中心之關鍵成功因素探討
A Study of the Key Success Factors of Internet Data Center
Authors: 蔡宗穆
Tsung-Mu Tsai
Dr. Hsiao-Cheng Yu
Keywords: 網路資料中心;關鍵成功因素;電子商務;Internet Data Center;Key Success Factors;Electronic Commerce
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: 隨著網際網路頻寬與速度大幅進步,企業推行電子商務與進行作業流程電子化更形重要,在一般中小企業普遍缺乏專屬機房及資訊人員的情形下,企業為了專注核心能力並解決電子化過程所面臨的問題,紛紛將資訊業務委外給網路資料中心處理,因而促使網路資料中心蓬勃發展。網路資料中心的商機已成為網際網路服務供應商(ISP)、電信業者、軟硬體供應商及應用軟體服務業者競爭的標的。在競爭劇烈的環境下,唯有掌握經營網路資料中心的關鍵成功因素,才是業者永續經營之道。本研究以網路資料中心產業為研究對象,將國內外領導廠商作為個案分析的對象,歸納經營網路資料中心之關鍵成功因素。 本研究首先對網路資料中心產業現況進行了解與分析,進而以網路資料中心為研究範疇,整理關鍵成功因素之相關文獻,最後整理國內外公司個案研究與國內業者訪談,歸納經營網路資料中心之關鍵成功因素。 研究結果發現,經營網路資料中心的關鍵成功因素分別是組織應變能力、同業及異業之策略聯盟、多樣化之服務、公司的知名度、鎖定目標客戶、提供專業客製化的服務、加強網路基礎建設與提昇系統安全性,本研究結果可供網路資料中心經營業者與後續研究者參考。
As the bandwidth and speed of global Internet advance rapidly, all companies must adopt electronic commerce externally and electronic operating processes internally. However, this requires capital investment IT hardware and software, as well as experienced IT personnel to do the job. It would be more efficient to outsource this function to some other companies, namely the Internet Data Center that specializes in providing such services. This research investigates the current market status of IDCs in the States and Taiwan. The leading vendors are analyzed as case study examples, including their success stories, failures, services and business models. Key success factors of running an IDC business are summarized based on experience acquired from these case studies. IDC’s KSFs include: responsive to customers’ needs, strategic alliances with customers and celebrating partners, diversified services, well-known name brand, customization flexibility, convenient access to multiple locations, robust network and computer central infrastructure, and system security etc.
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