Title: 資料探勘技術在農產運銷的應用
Applications of Data Mining Techniques on Agricultural Marketing
Authors: 李明皇
Ming-Huang Lee
Lee-Ing Tong
Gau-Rong Liang
Keywords: 資料探勘;農產品;運銷;data mining;agricultural products;Marketing
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: 在科技發展蓬勃的現代,許多資料均是以電子化的方式記錄下來。在這些龐大的資料中往往隱含著一些有趣的趨勢、特徵或者相關性等待我們去挖掘及分析。然而由於不同的產業各有不同的運作模式,因此需要針對不同產業的資料作深入之研究。農產運銷體系其供應者及承銷人均由法律明訂,故沒有其它購物交易之客源不固定的問題。此外,農產品因為有粗重、易腐,且種類繁多等多重限制而易造成管理不易。在我國進入WTO之後,各種市場逐漸的進入國際化,為了能夠因應外來的種種衝擊,有效的管理拍賣市場以及降低成本。故本研究針對台灣的農產運銷體系,藉由資料探勘技巧來分析現場交易記錄,以研究各種資料的屬性以及各屬性間的關係,區分出大宗農產品、研究天氣對不同農產品在不同等級上的影響,以及將承銷人的分群和離群值分析。資料探勘結果可作為農產運銷產業管理上的參考。
In the present generation with rapid information collecting techniques, lots of data are recorded electronically. Interesting trend, pattern, or relationship can be observed from the data set. Also, various industries have different manufacturing production process need various data mining techniques. However, the consignee stable with regulation in the agricultural products marketing is different from the customers changeable in the retail business. Moreover, there are many restrictions, such as bulkiness, perishable, and too many kinds of agricultural products, make it difficult to manage the marketing. Because all markets must be internationalized after the business joins WTO, it becomes necessary to manage the market efficiently and be lower down the cost constantly to reduce the impacts joining WTO. After studying the attributions and relationships from transaction records of mass agricultural products through the data mining techniques, information concerning the weather for various kinds of agricultural products, cluster analysis in consignees, and outlier analysis are obtained. These information may provide useful management strategies in agricultural marketing.
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