Title: 延伸式企業資源規劃模式於教育部工程與經費管理架構之探討
The Studies of the Model of EERP to the Construction and Budget Management of Ministry of Education
Authors: 郭嘉棟
Kuo Chia Tung
Huang Shyh Chang
Keywords: 教育部;公共工程;工程管理;延伸式企業資源規劃;Ministry of Education;Public Construction;Construction Management;Extended Enterprise Resource Planning
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: 由於資訊科技日益發達,利用資訊技術統合組織活動及業務已是時勢潮流所趨,各國政府也致力推行政府再造運動與電子化政府,期能加強服務效率和團隊競爭力。從政府公共工程角度分析,公共工程生命週期可細分為規劃、設計、發包、施工、驗收啟用、使用維護等各個階段,各個階段的工作牽涉不同機關組織的權責,實行公共工程管理電子化可強化各機關組織之間的整合並增加工程管控成效。因此如何配合政府再造與電子化政府的推行,透過資訊科技與網際網路有效整合流程運作與各機關組織資源,建立一體由上而下的工程價值鏈,便成為值得深入研究的課題。 教育部為全國學術、文化及教育行政事務的最高機關,主掌全國教育資源分配,同時也主管教育部各級部屬機關學校重大公共工程的補助事宜,由於國家政策推動與時勢潮流所趨,推動教育部及工程管理的全面電子化已是刻不容緩。 本研究將探討延伸式企業資源規劃模式於公共工程管理電子化的可行應用層面,針對教育部主管全國各級機關學校的重大公共工程的運作情形,規劃分析教育部重大公共工程與經費管理系統,提出未來系統建置的可行建議。本研究主要是做為一個長期研究的初步探討工作,在系統建置的初期階段規劃系統藍圖及可行性方針,期能有效解決現有流程缺失並改善經費浮誇與時間虛秏等問題,同時也提供其它公共工程主管機關推行工程管理電子化的可行模式參考。
Owing to the improvement of Information Technology recently, to adopt IT to unite the activities and affairs of the organization is the trend of the times. Each nation has also attempted to carry out the movement of Government Reengineering and electronic government (e-government) in the hope of increasing the efficiency of the service and competitiveness of team. From the perspective of the National Public Construction, a life cycle of the public construction can be separated into the plans, the designs, the construction, the tendering, acceptance and etc. Each stage is involved in different authority and duty. The e-management of public construction can force the integration of each organization and increase the efficiency of the control mechanism. Therefore, how to cooperate the proceeding of the government reengineering and e-government is the research topics to be detailed research for establishing production value chain from beginning to end through IT and Internet to integrate the resource and operation among the organizations. The ministry of Education is the supreme organization in academics, culture, and education administration to allocate the resource in the whole nation and also in charge of major public constructions the university of subordinate organization. To e-implementation of the ministry of Education and construction programming is of great urgency for the policies of nation and the trend of time. This text will be detailed to inquire the mode of Extended Enterprise Resource Planning (EERP) which apply to the E-public construction, the situation of the major public constructions of the university of subordinate organization to plan the analyses of the public construction of distribution of educational expenditures and to bring up the possible suggestions of future system implement. This text will be the long-term research as the initial work, and the construction blueprint of model-building in the beginning in the hope of solving the deficiencies in the current process so as to reduce the waste of budget and time. Also, it provides other public construction the mode of the construction management.
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