Title: 台灣區冷凍空調產品交易市集之策略規劃
A Strategic Planning of an e-Marketplace for Taiwan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Products.
Authors: 王茂榮
Mao Jung Wang
Hsiao-Cheng Yu
Keywords: 冷凍空調;交易市集;Refrigeration and Air conditioning;e-Marketing Place
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本研究探討如何架構一個網際網路電子商務市集,來協助我國傳統冷凍空調產業經營。 本研究首先分析我國冷凍空調產業傳統經營之特性,包括既有技術水準、交易習慣以及適合網路經營之項目等,找出可利用網路來降低交易成本之途徑。 此外,並進一步實際架設網站,其內容從市場分析、技術諮詢、交易資訊,到進一步進入交易實務有關之網路機制架構等。以冷凍空調領域之專業知識(Domain Knowledge)作為發展網站知名度之基礎,利用網站之電子交易平台,作為技術服務及經營之工具。 為了能提供其他傳統產業未來上網經營之參考,在網站規劃之過程中,包括從最初的經營計畫構想,到架設網站之考量、營運計畫書撰寫以及網站架構內容,均整理出來作為後續有意經營類似網站者之參考。
The purpose of this research is to find an e-commerce business opportunity in Taiwan’s refrigeration and air conditioning market. The characteristics of this market, e.g. the business transactions, the technical complexity, the relationships among suppliers, system integrators, distributors, retailers and buyers are analyzed. A website specialized in refrigeration and air conditioning is established with contents in market information, technical information, and transaction information etc. At the beginning, the thorough domain knowledge is the main attraction for suppliers and purchasers to visit this website. This research documented the whole process of establishing this website, from the early planning, configuring to the implementation. This experience can serve as reference to other people interested in establishing an e-marketplace.
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