Title: 企業競爭策略製定過程之探討
A Study of Competitive Strategy Processing
Authors: 陳漢雲
Mark Chen
Keywords: 策略製定;策略矩陣;成本優勢;差異性
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文研製之本論文是以個案的方式進行,主要的目的是探討A公司(A Corp),在面對市場改變的情況下,如何調整公司本身的競爭策略以為因應。本論文主要引用的資料來自博士電子股份有限公司內部資料、摩托羅拉電子股份有限公司內部資料、DATAQUEST的市場資料,以Porter 的五力分析與司徒達賢的矩陣式策略製定方法為主軸,配合本文作者以顧客為導向的公司競爭策略vs. 環境分析表的方法來決定企業之競爭策略。 Porter的五力分析與司徒達賢先生的矩陣式策略製定方法之結合可確切的展開策略製定之步驟,並配合外在環境的現實狀況,使製定出來的競爭策略與競爭優勢有實際面的可用性,而A公司也以此方法建立了四個主要策略方向:尋求代工對象、以合資方式向上整合、成立亞洲設計中心和建立半成品整備倉庫。
This thesis was written in a way of a case study, its purpose is to understand A Corp’s re-action in terms of the processing of competitive strategy for the market change incurred in year 2000. The backbone of theories been applied in this thesis is based on Porter Competitive Advantage and Shi-Tu Strategy Management Matrix, and further exploited by the writer of this thesis with the orientation of customer expectation to its supplier associated with the potential impacts out of the environment to come out the final company competitive strategy. Most of the data and information applied in this thesis come from inter-company information out of Motorola and A Corp, and from Dataquest. Between 5-dimension analysis and theory of strategic matrix, A Corp is able to formalize its competitive strategies in follow directions, Looking for Private Label Manufacturing, JV for Backward Integration, Set-up Asia Design Center in Taiwan, and WIP Stockroom build-up.
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