Title: 偏振加波鎖模摻鉺光纖雷射之研究
Study of a Polarization APM Mode-locked Er-fiber Laser
Authors: 李佑庭
Yu-Ting Li
YinChieh Lai
Keywords: 摻鉺光纖雷射;疊加波鎖模;非線性偏振旋轉;短脈衝雷射;雷射;Er-fiber laser;APM;Stretch pulse;Nonlinear polarization rotation;laser
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 在本論文中我們同時在實驗及理論上研究一偏振加波鎖模摻鉺光纖雷射。在實驗上我們成功地架設一自啟動的鎖模光纖雷射,此雷射可以產生基本脈衝重複率為19.67 MHz,平均功率為2.4 mW的穩定脈衝序列,我們觀察到的脈衝寬度約為1.6 ps。在理論上我們利用由變分法得到的動力方程式來模擬此雷射系統,從我們的模擬中能夠證實脈衝壓縮機制存在於偏振加波鎖模雷射架構中,並且能得到穩定的脈衝輸出。
In this thesis we study a polarization APM mode-locked Er-fiber laser both experimentally and theoretically. In the experimental side, we have successfully built a self-started mode-locked Er-fiber laser that can produce a stable pulse train with a 19.67 MHz repetition rate and a 2.4 mW average output power. The observed pulse duration is around 1.6 ps. In the theoretical side we have simulated the fiber laser by solving the dynamic equation of the laser derived from a variational method. From our simulation we can show the existence of pulse compression mechanism and obtain a stable laser pulse output.
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