Title: 以子空間判別法估測壓縮機系統之參數
Using Subspace Method to Estimate the Parameters of a Compression System
Authors: 孫明德
Min-Der Sun
Yung-Chun Wu
Keywords: 子空間;壓縮機系統;subspace;compression system
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本篇論文在探討利用子空間判別法估測軸流式壓縮機系統參數的效果,因為壓縮機系統屬於高度非線性系統,固我們首先將壓縮機運動的非線性微分方程組線性化,以得到線性化的數學模型,然後對一固定平衡點以及平衡點慢慢變動方式,用子空間法對此兩種情況分別進行系統參數的估測。如果壓縮機要有較高的工作效率,穩定度則會相對的降低,所以如能估測出平衡狀態下的最高工作效率區段的系統參數,則可以提供一個更為完整的壓縮機系統數學模型,這對於壓縮機系統之分析及後段控制將有很大的幫助。
In this thesis, we discussed the use of subspace identification method on the estimation on axial compression system parameters under equilibrium and dynamic situations, respectively, Because the compression system is very non-linear, we first linearized the nonlinear compression motion equations to obtain a linear mathematical model. In a compression system, if we want to achieve a higher efficiency, we will have a lower stability. So if we can accurately estimate the parameters of the compressor at various operating points, we may let the compressor to operate at high efficiency and in the stable zone. Then we can provide a good model for the analysis and control of the compression system.
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