Title: 應用於旋轉式倒立單擺之積分式順滑模態控制
Control of Integral Sliding Mode Applied to Rotational Inverted Pendulum
Authors: 蘇裕仁
Su Yuh Ren
Chen Yon Ping
Keywords: 旋轉式;倒立單擺;積分式;順滑模態;可變結構;控制;Rotational;Inverted Pendulum;Integral;sliding mode;variable;control
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 不同於一般直線性倒立單擺控制,本篇論文設計了一個不穩定、 非線性及不確定性的實驗平台─旋轉式倒立單擺系統,減低了 空間上的使用。並利用了可變結構控制中的積分式順滑模態, 以達到定點定位的目標。目前國內外以此系統為控制平台仍屬 少數,且以模糊控制理論、PID結合順滑模態或模糊結合順滑 模態為控制法則佔大多數。本論文則用積分式順滑模態的技巧 ,為此單擺系統的控制上,提供了一些研究成果。
Different from conventional inverted control, this paper designed an unstable、nonlinear and uncertain experimental plant─rotational inverted pendulum. It saves the use of space. It uses the integral sliding mode of the variable structure system to achieve desired points and positions. It is still few in internal and external researches at present that the system is regarded as a control plant. Most of them use Fuzzy theory、PID combined with sliding mode or Fuzzy combined sliding mode. This paper exerts the technique of the integral sliding mode. It provides some accomplishments for the control of rotational inverted pendulum (RIP).
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