Title: 以FPGA為基礎之多媒體卡控制器設計與支援USB下載之MP3隨身聽
The Design of FPGA Based MultiMediaCard Host Controller and MP3 Player System with USB Interface
Authors: 錢昱瑋
Yu-Wei Chyan
Bing-Fei Wu
Keywords: 多媒體卡;MultiMediaCard;MP3;USB;CompactFlash
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本文分兩部分,第一部份是以FPGA為基礎之多媒體卡(MMC)控制器設計。其中包括了一套以FPGA驗證的MMC Host Controller設計原理與經過、一些將來可能應用在MMC甚至SD內部控制器的Flash管理方法、以及針對MMC內部控制器設計所做的評估與部分設計。 第二部分則是支援USB下載之MP3隨身聽。使用CompactFlash Card作為儲存媒介之MP3 隨身聽,整合USB to CompactFlash Card Reader成為具有下載能力的機種,低耗電、多功能、體積小是最大特色。
The thesis has two topics: the first part is “MultiMediaCard Host Controller Design, based on FPGA”. The content includes how to design an MMC host controller, the design flow, an embedded flash memory management about the flash card, and the evaluation of an MMC internal controller. The second part is “The MP3 player with USB interface”. The content is about the design flow of a highly integrated MP3 player with the USB interface and a CompactFlash card. Low power, multi-function, small size are its main features of the design.
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