Title: 以OSGi為基礎之嵌入式LINUX網路服務閘道器設計與實現
OSGi Based Embedded LINUX Network Service Gateway Implementation and Design
Authors: 陳邦正
Chen Bang Cheng
Dr.Jwu-Sheng Hu
Keywords: 閘道器;linux;家庭網路;嵌入式;osgi;network gateway;linux;embedded
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文以OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) 所提出之網路服務閘道器標準,利用Java技術實作其Framework的架構以達到跨平臺的能力。經由此閘道器,服務提供者可經由網路提供各式各樣的服務至家庭網路。此外,使用Embedded Linux為嵌入式作業系統,發展了服務閘道器資訊家電(Service Gateway Information Appliance)的原型機,使服務的資訊能透過網際網路成功的傳送到嵌入式系統上。最後以X10裝置展示閘道器plug and play 的功能。
This thesis develops a prototype network service gateway based on OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) specification. Through the service gateway, it can provide interface and multiple services and some management functionality to distribute and regulate the use of information services in the home. In addition, the service gateway uses the Java technologies and runs on Embedded Linux platforms. Combining language and platform-independent advantages in Java and Embedded Linux, the service gateway features flexibility and scalability that gives a cost-optimal Information Appliance platform. A demonstration is shown using the X10 devices to achieve plug and play functions.
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