Title: 以STB為核心的資訊家電系統之研製
The Design of Information Appliance System Using STB
Authors: 陳燦銘
Tsan-Ming Chen
Jin-Chern Chiou
Keywords: 資訊家電;IA
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文之重點在於以STB為核心的資訊家電系統的研發與設計,首先先定出整個系統的架構,再研究所可能遇到的問題及其解決方式,並對於所需要了解的資料進行收集與探討。這整篇論文包括了以下幾部分:USB介面的說明(STB與為控制器的溝通介面)、所使用單晶片的簡介(收集各式感測器的資訊)、紅外線人體感測器的動作原理與模組完成(偵測移動中的人體)、瓦斯感測器的動作原理與模組完成(偵測瓦斯外洩)、感應式電子晶片(RFID)的資料收集(衣物管理),最後再將整個子系統整合與完成。經由對所完成的系統作一連串的測試,可知完成後的系統與原來規劃的效能大致相同,期待經由此系統的完成,能夠使我們對於資訊家電方面的應用更加廣範。
The main focus of this dissertation is the study and the development of the IA(Information Appliance) system using STB. At first, the overall structure of the system has been defined with possible solutions that can be used to solve the problems. A series of survey has been conducted for the purpose of completing a realistic IA system. With this in mind, the present dissertation consists of the following features: USB(Universal Serial Bus) for the interface between STB and micro-controller for collecting the information of all sensors, the motion sensor for detecting moving body, the gas sensor for detecting gas overflow, the RFID for managing clothing. By integrating all of the sub-systems, a series of experiments has been conducted to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed system. By completing the evaluation of the system, we will further investigate the possibility of integrating the purposed system to the existing IA systems.
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