Title: DSP系統之即時多工核心設計與實現
Portable Multitasking Real-Time Kernel Design and Implementation on DSP systems
Authors: 尹燕陶
Yin, Yen-Tau
Hu, Jwu-Sheng
Keywords: 即時;嵌入式系統;作業系統;核心;數位信號處理器;Real-Time;Embeded System;Operating System;Kernel;DSP
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文目的在發展一套可移植的且模組化的即時多工核心系統,並實際實作於TI 320C24x的DSP系統上。利用核心系統,實際的硬體資訊可被抽象化,控制程式的寫作與發展,便可將重心著重在演算法與控制法則,進而可形成控制軟體IP(Intellectual Property),同時控制系統亦易於轉移至不同的平台。論文可區分為兩部分:即時多工作業系統理論及系統實作說明,附錄中並有一電動機車的範例系統。
In this thesis, a portable and modularized multi-tasking real-time kernel is developed and implemented on the TI 320C24x DSP system. By using multi-tasking real-time kernel, the detail hardware information will be abstracted. Control system developer can focus his/her mind on control algorithm and control law. Further more, this control system can be an intellectual property and can be ported to other hardware platform easily. The thesis is divided into two parts: multi-tasking real-time operating system theorem and system implementation description. There also is an example of electrical motorcycle control system in the appendix.
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