Title: 應用於車輛導航之GPS/INS整合系統設計
Design of Integrated GPS/INS System Applied to Vehicle Navigation
Authors: 李忠隆
Chung-Lung Lee
Yon-Ping Chen
Keywords: 車輛導航;Vehicle Navigation;GPS;INS
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 全球定位系統已廣泛地運用在導航定位上,一般而言,全球定位系統具有長時間穩定的特性,因此慣性導航系統在長時間下所累積下來的誤差便可藉由全球定位系統來加以修正。另外,慣性導航系統獨立自主的特性,恰可彌補全球定位系統受環境遮蔽效應或是運動過大導致的訊號間斷現象。我們根據這互補的特性來製作一個整合全球定位系統與慣性導航系統的架構。本論文中,使用車輛為一運動載具的平面導航系統,文中主要針對全球定位系統以及慣性導航系統作理論的分析,以及實驗架構的選定。另外利用單晶片為一資料擷取平台,整合低價位的全球導航系統以及慣性感測元件,在狀態處理方面,則利用卡門濾波器來完成估測,並經由整合實驗的結果來分析此一系統的精準度以及應用範圍。
The Global Positioning System (GPS) used in navigation has long-term stability and acceptable accuracy. Based on such features, the divergent effect of an Inertial Navigation System (INS) might be calibrated with the aid of GPS. In addition, the autonomous characteristic of INS can supply the information of vehicle maneuvering or in the duration for the lost track conditions due to receiver or environment noises. Depend on these complemental characteristics to each other, the integrated GPS and INS can be built. In this thesis, the car is used in a flat navigation system. And the study of GPS and INS theory and the integration system structure are also the major work in it. Furthermore, single chips build the data capture board to integrate low-cost GPS engine board and inertial measurement units (IMU). In state integration, Kalman filter is used to complete the error estimations. The accuracy and the performance of the system can be analyzed from the results of the integrated experiments.
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