Title: 資訊轉換盒軟體系統之研發
Development of Software System for Set-Top Box
Authors: 郭子瑋
Tz-Wei Guo
Dr. Jin-Chern Chiou
Keywords: 資訊家電;Information Appliance
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文之重點在於資訊家電之軟體系統的研發與設計,首先會先對本系統之整體架構與設計方式作詳細的分析,之後選定本系統所使用之硬體與軟體開發平台,並研究所可能遇到的問題及其解決方式,另外對於所需要了解的資料進行收集與研讀。在本論文所開發完成的軟體中,具備了遙控家電、定時排程、遠端控制、監控感測器狀態…等多種功能,另外還具備了一個友善的視窗介面。最後整合所完成的軟、硬體系統,並對此系統作測試,由此可知完成後的系統與原來規劃的效能大致相同。經由此系統的完成,不僅學習到一個系統化的軟體開發方式,更學習到目前關於資訊家電方面的應用技術。
The purpose of this dissertation is the design and the development of the IA (Information Appliance) software system. First, the overall framework and the design methodology of the system have been analyzed carefully. And then, the development platform of hardware and software have been chosen to fit the need of the system. Furthermore, in order to solve the potential problems in developing the software system, a series of survey have been conducted. In the completed software for my thesis, it has many functions like control the appliance, schedule, remote control, monitor the states of sensors, and etc.. Finally, after integrating all of the subsystems that are already in place, a series of experiments have been conducted to examine the specification we have defined previously. With the complete system, we learned not only the way that how to develop a software, but also the technology of the IA.
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