Title: 台十五線風光集錦─多媒體環境中的影像表達
Authors: 許書毓
Keywords: 多媒體;影像
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 電腦多媒體自開發以來已歷經多年,相關的技術已被廣泛運用在教育、資料整合、娛樂、與網路資訊的傳播上。它與傳統媒體之間存在著一段重疊且模糊的區域,在研究電腦多媒體時,時常讓人無法抓住它真正的特點。由於電腦本身的科技特質與外顯的時髦風格,容易誤導我們注意的方向,將焦點放在技術層次的實務運用,或是將它的表現放入傳統藝術形式的演變來討論。把這項媒體當作是傳統媒體的延伸,一種次要的角色,未深入去探討它的內在潛質,便是失去去開發出獨特新媒體語言的機會。隨著個人電腦的逐漸普及,有越來越多的人口開始融入以網路傳播為主體的互動多媒體環境,電腦多媒體在今天已經不只是時髦新奇的玩意,它已經開始成為我們日常生活中重要的一環。人們開始要學習的是如何在互動多媒體的環境下做溝通,思考要如何塑造出新的媒體語言,面對這種新語言又該如何修辭、如何感受、如何欣賞,在著作與閱讀的雙向作用下,使這項新媒體成為一個豐富的文化場域。本研究計畫即是為了向個目標趨近。其中包含兩個部份:其一是創作部份,《台十五線風光集錦》 (http://route15.idv.tw/)是在網際網路上發表的互動式多媒體作品;另外一部份則是在這裡的文字敘述。
Interactive multimedia has seen many developments over a short period of time. The techniques used have been widely applied to areas of education, entertainment, and web design. However, when we study computer multimedia, we often do not concentrate on its true nature. The computer has often been considered a glamorous 'hi-tech phenomenon' therefore, certain aspects of this perception lead us to focus on the applications and categorize the work's style along the lines of traditional art forms. This may lead us to loose the opportunity to develop a new language and understanding outside the parameters of traditional media. Nowadays, more and more people are exposed to the multimedia environment due to the widespread availability of the computer. The computer is no longer a fancy gadget, but has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. We must learn to communicate through multimedia by establishing its own language and expression bringing it into its own cultural field. This project is a two par approach to this goal. The first part is the multimedia work on the net "Sightseeing on Route 15" at http://route15.idv.tw/; the second part is a description of the work shown here.
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