Title: 網頁色彩配色與感覺意象之對應關係研究的建構─以個人網頁為例
The Study of the Corresponding Relationship between Web Color Combinations and Images–Using Personal Homepages as Example
Authors: 吳東龍
Dung-Lung Wu
Ming-Chen Chuang
Keywords: 色彩意象;網頁色彩;個人網頁;多元線性迴歸;類神經網路;配色;color image;web color;personal homepage;multi-linear regression analysis;neural network;color combination
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 隨著上網人口的日益普及,使得網際網路的使用,已經逐漸成為生活當中的一部份。而在網際空間當中,個人網頁是重要的組成分子之一,其在網路空間中,扮演著個人行銷、與人交流以及個人風格呈現的重要角色,使用人口不在少數。因此許多網站及網頁製作軟體,皆提供不同的方式以輔助初學者來架構個人網站,除呈現資訊外,也強調個人風格的展現。 色彩往往是一網頁給人的第一印象,而不同的色彩搭配常能呈現不同的風格意象。有鑒於過去鮮少關於網頁色彩意象的研究,本研究即探討不同的網頁色彩配色,可能呈現如何的風格意象。研究中首先設計出兩款代表個人網頁與個人工作室之網頁樣板,每個樣板發展出100個左右之配色作為評估之樣本。接著受測者被要求使用SD法來評量兩款樣式下,不同網頁配色樣本的感覺意象,並將受測結果以因子分析、多元迴歸、類神經網路分析,以及從整體網頁配色樣本的感性趨向,來探究網頁色彩配色與風格意象之間的對應關係。 研究結果除提供感覺意象使在網頁色彩上,應具有的設計特徵等原則,以作為設計師在設計上的參考建議;以及對初學者提出一可能的設計輔助系統,有助於以簡易的方式,設計出能夠呈現個人風格的網頁色彩配色。同時建構一套完整的研究模式,可作為相關學術研究上的參考。甚至能將此一研究模式,擴展到其他個人化的頁面應用上,更助於個人風格的營造與呈現。
The percentage of population using WWW has been increasing year by year. It shows that WWW has become a trend and an indispensable part in people’s everyday life. Among various applications of WWW, the personal homepage is the most attractive trend to be developed. Besides of providing personal data, a personal homepage is mainly to express the personality and disposition of the owner through the perceived image of the homepage. Many website services or software for constructing homepages provide various tools to assist the beginners to achieve this goal. Impression of color combinations is always the first perceived image of a personal homepage, and different color combinations of a homepage can render different images. However, the related research about web color images is still scarce, that designers have to intuitionally design color scheme to express the desired image of a homepage. Thus, our study tried to systematically investigate the relationship between color combinations and perceived images of homepages. In the study, two kinds of homepage template, one for personal homepage the other for SOHO or personal studio homepage were designed. There are about one hundred color schemes were developed for each kind of homepage template to form the set of test samples. Subjects then were recruited to make SD evaluation on each test sample of two kinds of homepage template with various color schemes. The evaluation results were analyzed through the methods of factor analysis, multi-linear regression stepwise analysis, neural network analysis to conclude the corresponding relationship between web color combinations and perceived images. Based on this correspondence, we can summarized the guidelines for designing color schemes to express the expected images of personal homepages for designers. Furthermore, this set of guidelines can served as a design assisting system to help the beginners in designing the web color combinations to express the image of his personal style with a simple and easy way. On the other hand, the completed research approach of this study can be referred further to the researches on applications of designing other personal interface to express personal style.
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