Title: 用有限元素法解波茲曼傳導方程式
Finite Element Methods for the Boltzmann Transport Equation
Authors: 葉桂菱
Kuei-Ling Lin
Dr. Jinn-Liang Liu
Keywords: 波茲曼;用有限元素法;Boltzmann;Finite Element Methods
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 離子佈值的過程是利用高能離子束將摻質離子值入半導體,使帶能量的離子與基板之電子及原子核碰撞而損失能量,最後停止。在半導體內部,摻雜濃度有一尖峰,而且摻質分佈之側圖主要決定於離子質量及佈植離子的能量。在這論文中,我們將會討論:(Ⅰ)有限元素法是適合高能離子佈值的模擬來解波茲曼傳導方程式;(Ⅱ)展示將帶能量1 及帶電的離子磷引進矽半導體內,所模擬的流量分佈的結果。
In the process of ion implantation, ions are implanted into the semiconductor by means of a high-energy ion beam. The energetic ions lose their energy through collisions with electrons and nuclei in the substrate such as silicon and finally come to rest. The doping concentration has a peak inside the semiconductor; and the profile of the dopant distribution is determined mainly by the ion mass and implanted-ion energy. In the thesis, we will discuss: (Ⅰ) a finite element method for the solution of the Boltzmann transport equation which is suitable to model the high energetic ion implantation; (Ⅱ) numerical results of the flux distribution of energetic ions for energy implantation of P ions in Si target.
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