Title: 薛丁格-卜松方程式的數值方法
Numerical Methods for Schrodinger-Poisson Equations
Authors: 陸孝年
Hsiao-Nien Lu
Jinn-Liang Liu
Keywords: 薛丁格-卜松方程式;薛丁格-卜松;數值方法;Schrodinger-Poisson Equations;Schrodinger-Poisson;Numerical Method
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 在最近幾年,半導體的元件大小已經縮小至十億分之一公尺,也正因為半導體的元件變的很小,所以我們必須考慮到量子效應。同時,現實世界中的元件幾何也是很重要的。 在討論二度空間的電子波函數和量子態能間的關係,我們是利用薛丁格方程式和卜松方程式間的連結來模擬。 在這篇論文中,將說明如何用數值方法計算薛丁格方程式和卜松方程式。
In recent years, the sizes of semiconductor nanostructures have become so small that we have to take into account quantum effects. Simultaneously the real geometry of the device is important. In this paper, the two dimensional electron wave functions and the quantized states energies are calculated from the Schrodinger's equation coupled with Poisson's equation. In this paper, we will explain how to use the numerical methods for Schrodinger-Poisson Equations.
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