Title: 神經網絡的空間混沌性
Spatial Entropy in Cellular Neural Network
Authors: 班榮超
Jung-Chao Ban
Song-Sun Lin
Keywords: 空間謪;空間混沌;裂隙函數;Spatial Entropy;Spatial Chaos;Gap Map
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 這篇文章主要分成兩個部份,第一個部份是要討論神經網絡(CNN)在有激發係數時,隨著係數在變動時,它的空間謪是如何的變化,第二部份是由第一部份得來的靈感,在討論第一部份時,我們相當於討論一個函數如果中間放一個裂隙,隨著烈隙在變動時,空間謪會有怎樣的變化,所以我們就在第二篇文章中討論裂隙單峰函數隨著裂隙在變動時的空間謪變化.
We separate this paper into two parts,in the first one,we discuss the variation of entropy with respecte to the bios-term,and from the first one,it motivates us to consider the entropy of such maps that we put a gap around the critical point symmetrically. Generally,we consider the map is unimodal map,and we get the result of open and dense entropy in the second part of this paper.
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