Title: 雙環式網路的一些實驗結果
Some Results on Double-Loop Networks
Authors: 張欣心
Hsin-Hsin Chang
Chiuyuan Chen
Keywords: 雙環式網路;Double-Loop Networks
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文所研究的雙環式網路問題可分為兩個部份。第一:當N□5000時,我們利用程式的執行完整的得到每個N的最佳直徑及對於每一個N能完成最佳直徑的第一組S1步和S2步,其中更條列出了最佳直徑與直徑下界相差2以上的N’s;我們也整理出第一組S1步和S2步中S1□1的N’s。另外,我們發展一套找群族(family)及其對應的(S1,S2)的方法。第二:我們提供出關於能使兩個L-型(L-shape)在經由增長後仍能使得點數相等的兩個結果。
There are two parts of research for double-loop networks of this thesis. First, we make use of program to get optimal diameters for all N□5000 and to get the (S1,S2) corresponding to N such that S1 is minimum. From results of program, we draw up a list of N such that d(N)-lb(N)□2 and we also make a list of N and (S1,S2) which that S1□1. Father, we develop the method to find a special family with (S1,S2) corresponding to it. Second, we make two propositions that number of cells of two L-shapes will equivalent after growing by conception of procreation.
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