Title: 低虧格圖的邊著色
The Edge-Colorings of Graphs with Small Genus
Authors: 范慧蘭
Hui-Lan Fan
Hung-Lin Fu
Keywords: 邊著色;放電理論;第一類圖;edge-coloring;discharging method;critical graph;class one
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 這篇論文主要是藉著使用「放電理論」的方法來證明:對任意一個可以嵌入在characteristic 的圖G而且滿足 (1)最大度至少是6 (2)沒有相鄰的三角形 (3)在 critical graph裡, ,我們證明它會是第一類圖。藉著相同的方法,我們也改進了Kronk, Radlowski 及 Franen 在 1974所做的一些結果。
In this thesis, by using Discharging Method, we show that any graph with maximum degree with no adjacent triangles and in the critical graph that is embeddable in a surface of characteristic is class one. We also improve earlier results obtained by Kronk, Radlowski and Franen in 1974.
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