Title: 對單螺桿Maddock及Eagan混合元件之分析
Analysis of Maddock and Eagan Mixing Devices for Single Screw Extruder
Authors: 蔡濱陽
Tsai Pin-Yang
Wu Jiann-Shing
Keywords: 單螺桿;混合元件;Maddock;Eagan;Helical Leroy;Mixing
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本文旨在模擬探討流道分散式混合元件之幾何參數對混合情況之影響。改變套筒與障壁梯板之間隙、障壁梯板寬度及障壁梯板傾斜角,探討其對障壁區應力、在障壁區之滯留時間以及混合元件軸向壓力之變化。 高分子熔融行為主要根據Tadmor熔融模式,數值方法是採用有限元素法。以電腦模擬碳黑於茂金屬聚乙烯(metallocene PE)高分子材料中之分散情形。
This study aims to investigate the mixing effect caused by various types of geometry of fluted dispersive mixing elements by numerical simulation. In addition, the clearance between barrier flight and barrel surface, the width of barrier flight and helical angle of barrier flight were varied to investigate their effect on the mixing performance, including the stress and the residence time in the barrier region and the pressure variation at axial direction. Finite element method was used to simulate the mixing section. And carbon black was dispersed in the m-PE phase to investigate the mixing effect.
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