Title: 含雙苯環側鏈雙取代之聚乙炔其合成及在有機發光二極體的應用
Synthesis of Disubstituted Polyacetylene Containng Alkylbiphenyl Side Group and Their Application in PLED
Authors: 謝錦瑩
Chin-Ying Hsieh
Chian-Shu Hsu
Keywords: 聚乙炔;有機發光二極體;液晶;polyacetylene;OLED;liqure crystal
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本研究總共合成六種雙取代乙炔單體,其中包括:1-(4-丁基苯)-2-[4-(4-烷基聯苯基)丁基]乙炔(單體1M和2M),1-(4-丁基苯基)-2丁基乙炔(3M),4-丁基-4’[5-(4-烷基聯苯基)戊基]雙苯基乙炔(單體4M和5M),及4-丁基雙苯基乙炔(6M)。所有單體以五氯化鉭(TaCl5)為催化劑四正丁錫(n-Bu4Sn)為助催化劑,在氮氣下進行聚合反應,所得聚合物其數目平均分子量皆大於25000,所有聚合物皆溶於一般有機溶劑(如氯仿四氫口夫喃)。 聚合物1P和2P(聚[1-(4-丁基苯基)-2-[4-(4-烷基聯苯基)丁基]乙炔])之紫外光吸收波長最大吸收出現於324 nm,其螢光放射波長則出現於435 nm。將此二聚合物製成雙層發光二極體元件(ITO/PEDOT/ polymer/Al),其發出之光色為藍光,其電激發光最大放射波長為450 nm,其驅動電壓則分別為11.7 V及13.1 V。若與無4-烷基聯苯基側鏈之聚合物3P比較,聚合物1P和2P有8 nm之藍位移,其電激發光也較強。 聚合物4P和5P(聚{4-丁基-4’[5-(4-烷基聯苯基)戊基]雙苯基}乙炔)之紫外光吸收波長最大吸收出現於435 m,其螢光放射波長則出現於516 nm。將此二聚合物製成雙層發光二極體元件(ITO/PEDOT/ polymer/Al),其發出之光色為綠光,其電激發光最大放射波長為516 nm左右。其驅動電壓則分別為7.8 V和6.38V。若與無4-烷基聯苯基側鏈之聚合物6P比較,聚合物4P和5P之電激發光較強。
In this study, a series disubstituted acetylene, i.e. 1-(4-butylphenyl) -2-[4-(4-alkylbiphenyl)butyl] acetylene (1M and 2M), 1-(4-butylphenyl)- 2-butyl acetylene (3M), 4-butyl-4’-[5-(4-alkylbiphenyl) pentyl] tolanes (4M and 5M), and 4-butyl tolane, were synthesized. All six monomers were polymerized by using TaCl5 as a catalyst and n-Bu4Sn as a cocatalyst under N2 atmosphere. The number average molecular weights of the obtained polymers are higher than 25000. They are all soluble in common organic solvents, such as chloroform and tetrahydrofuran (THF). Poly[1-(4-butylphenyl)-2-[4-(4-alkylbiphenyl) butyl] acetylene] (1P and 2P) show a UV-Vis absorption peak at about 324 nm and photoluminescence (PL) emission at about 435 nm. Both polymers were fabricated to form the double layer EL devices, ITO/PEDOT/polymer/Al, which showed blue EL. Their EL emission appear at around 450 nm. Their driving voltages are 11.7 V and 13.1 V. In comparision with with poly[1-(4-butylphenyl)-2-butyl acetylene] (3P), both polymers 1P and 2P reveal 5 nm blue shift and stronger EL intensity. Poly [1-(4-butylphenyl)-2-[4-[5-(4-alkylbiphenyl)-pentyl]] phenyl acetylene] (4P and 5P) show a UV-Vis absorption peak at 435 nm and a PL emission at 516 nm. Both polymers were also fabricated to form the double layer devices, ITO/PEDOT/polymer/Al, which showed green EL. Their EL emission appear at around 516 nm. Their driving voltages are 7.8 V and 6.38 V respectively. In comparision with poly [1-(4-butyl phenyl)-2-phenyl acetylene] (6P), both polymer 4P and 5P show much stronger EL and PL intensities.
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