Title: 濾材吸附有害氣體過程之數值計算
A Numerical Study of Pernicious Gases Adsorption by Filter
Authors: 鄭淵源
Yuan-Yuan, Jeng
Wu-Shung, Fu
Keywords: 濾材;吸附;Filter;Adsorption
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本文為探討吸附塔流場現象與活性碳之吸附性能,將以以下兩部分分別探討之。 第一部份乃利用數值方法來模擬活性碳流體化床吸附塔之流場現象,並成功地以多孔性介質模擬吸附塔內的擴散器與拖盤構造,進而模擬整個吸附塔的流場分佈,以此流場分佈推估吸附塔內最佳之配置。 第二部分則結合剩餘容積比、濃度效應與碰撞附著效率三種因素,探討其對活性碳吸附能力的影響。其次,探究隨機孔隙率與規則孔隙率排列對活性碳吸附能力的影響。再以活性碳更新模式模擬流體化現象,探究入口濃度與活性碳流量的關係。
In the first part of this study, a numerical method is used to solve the flow flied in adsorber with Activated Carbon Fluidized-Bed. It is a successful method to model diffuser and tray in the adsorber by using porous media. During the simulation of flow flied in whole adsorber, it can forecast the best design of adsorber. The second part of this study conducts the three influences of “Ratio of Remnant Capacity”, “Concentration Effect”, and “Collision or Attachment Efficiency” on adsorbability. Secondly, explore the influences of “Random Porosity” and “Regulation Porosity” on adsorbability. Using “Inlet Concentration versus Renew Rate Curve”, it can forecast the best flow rate of activated carbon.
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