Title: 精密電鍍製作之透光微孔
Micro Optical Apertures Made by Electroplating
Authors: 連金傳
Chin-Chuan Lien
Wensyang Hsu
Keywords: 電鍍;近場光學掃瞄探針顯微鏡;微孔;electroplating;overplating;optical aperture;SNOM;optical data storage;near-field optical datastorage
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本篇提出以電鍍方式製作光學微孔隙的製程,此類微孔隙應用於光學資料存取技術,可使資料點的縮小不再受制於光波的繞射極限,而達到更高的資料儲存密度。電鍍製程具有單純、廉價、安全,而且可行批次生產等優點,配合半導體光罩轉印製程,本篇已實現次微米等級之孔隙製作,孔徑最小可達 360 奈米。
An optical aperture made by electroplating is proposed. The aperture is applied in the optical data storage technique, provides small data pits beyond the limit of the light wavelength. Electroplating is a simple, low cost and safe approach, and is suitable to batch production. Combined with semiconductor lithography process, production of sub-micron apertures is realized, and the aperture can be as small as a diameter of 360 nm.
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