Title: 複合材料桿件接頭之設計及分析
Design and Anlysis of Connectors for Composite Rod Structure
Authors: 黃達人
Ta-Zen Huang
Da-Pan Chen
Keywords: 接頭;複合材料;connector;composite material
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本篇論文主要針對複合材料桿件的連結問題提出解決方案。首先,我們將接頭區分為滑扣式與壓扣式兩大類,前者因為阻力較小主要應用於人們的生活器具上,設計上的考量為體積小、重量輕且操作方便;後者主要應用於工程結構上,能承受較大負載。而兩者的設計都必需是安全與穩定的結構。藉由電腦軟體的輔助與數學模型之推導,我們可模擬滑扣式接頭中半球形鍵與半圓柱鍵的接觸情形與合適的接頭尺寸。壓扣式接頭部分則設計多種可能的接合方式,並就各類型的優缺點加以研究分析。最後,我們討論實際應用上的問題,包括結構的幾何模型設計、立體架構的穩定性分析,我們都作詳盡的分析與討論,希望能提供工程製造人員最佳的參考依據。
The purpose of this work is to propose solutions for the design of the connector for composite rod structure. Our design of the connector is divided into two categories: (i) sliding-contact-key connector and (ii) Spring-loaded-key connector. The design of the first category has the merits of light in weight and easy in assembling. Therefor, it aims on the connection of daily-life ability structures. The second category has merits of chose-fitness and is able to sustain heavier loading. Therefor, it aims on the connection of heaving engineering structures. With appropriate finite element modeling and analysis, we obtain detail design dimensions. Finally, a full-size dome-shape structure made of composite rods and the proposed connectors is used to illustrate the design concepts.
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