Title: 微系統製程控制之研究與應用
Research and Application of Process Control for Micro- Electro-Mechanical Systems
Authors: 羅泰倫
Taylor Lo
Dr. Pi-Ying Cheng
Keywords: 微機電系統;準分子雷射;電腦輔助設計製造;實驗設計;MEMS;excimer laser;CAD/CAM;statistical design of experiment
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本文主要在探討微機電系統之製程控制技術,利用準分子雷射作細微加工,並配合電腦輔助設計與製造 ( CAD/CAM )之技術來規劃最佳加工路徑,以提高微機電系統中光罩圖形製作的效率與加工精度。其方法是利用準分子雷射(ArF)之雷射光束與高精度X-Y控制平台的硬體組合,配合自行撰寫之介面控制程式,以完成微米級光學式雷射加工機台之整合。另一部份則利用實驗設計的方法來探討雷射與馬達在不同的參數下,準分子雷射加工對高分子材料所造成的影響,並進一步分析與規劃其最佳參數。程式之撰寫是利用程式開發軟體Visual Basic來製作圖形轉換程式,將 AutoCAD 2D光罩圖形之DXF格式轉換成圖形資料庫,並規劃最佳加工路徑,來控制光學式雷射加工機台,完成自動化的光罩加工系統。     研究成果包括: (1)DXF格式之圖形轉換程式,(2)圓環、直線與弧形光罩圖形之雷射加工模擬程式,(3)最佳加工參數之實驗設計與分析。本文將分節討論AutoCAD之DXF格式、圖形資料庫之製作流程、準分子雷射加工機控制程式之撰寫、加工高分子材料底部平坦度之實驗設計與分析,並展示本研究之程式模擬結果與雷射加工成果。
For some typical application issues of MEMS technology ,ArF excimer laser are adopted to fabricate the geometric patterns like the slight lines ,and slight arc etc. on the chosen membrane or plate . The present study develops a CAD/CAM system for assisting to generate the laser cutting path .The working speed and working accuracy of laser cutting device for manufacturing the masks are part of the critical parameters in the study .The laser cutting device which integrating the ArF excimer laser equipments and high precision X-Y stage with servo motors and control unit has been tested and evaluated through several typical experiments .The following section of this paper is to implement the statistical analysis of experiment data to evaluate and discuss the fabrication results of ArF excimer laser process with different parameters .The optimal parameters of laser equipment and motors are thus investigated. For assisting to generate cutting path of the laser device, a CAD/CAM system programmed by using the Visual Basic has been developed to transform the target patterns in DXF format into control code to drive the precision laser device automatically . The results of this research include(1)the automatic programming tool of DXF format transformation ,(2)the simulating module of machining processes of some basic patterns , like slight circle ,line and arc ,(3)the generation of optimal parameters by using the statistical analysis technology . This paper also discusses the DXF format and data structure provided by AutoCAD and the system architecture of ArF excimer laser tool machine control unit .Some typical experiments have been demonstrated and evaluated for illustrating it’s accuracy .Some application of the laser device are also proposed for further study in the future .
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