Title: 分散式網路即時資料擷取與分析系統之設計與應用
Design and Application of Real-Time Data Acquisition and Analysis System Using Device Network
Authors: 周明孝
Ming-Hsiao Chou
Wei-Hua Chieng
Keywords: 分散式網路;即時;資料擷取;Device Network;Real-Time;Data Acquisition
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 分散式的控制系統和網路通訊介面的結合,是未來工業控制的趨勢。在產品競爭的考驗下,開放性協定的觀念也漸漸打破傳統,成為市場上的主流。本論文以CAN網路作為基礎,並搭配DeviceNet通訊協定作為溝通方式,以期設計一個符合開放性原則的即時分散式資料擷取與分析系統。此系統以PC為控制核心,在PC Windows NT的多工操作系統下,利用即時多工核心程式配合通訊介面卡,完成一個以DeviceNet網路為通訊介面的資料擷取系統。
The integration of the distributed control system and the network interface is the new trend of the next-generation industrial control system. Due to the compatibility between products developed by different vendors, the products based on open protocols have replaced proprietary design and become very popular in the market. The object of this thesis is to design a distributed real-time data acquisition and analysis system, which is based on CAN protocol and conformed to DeviceNet protocol. The central unit of this system is a PC, whose operating system is Windows NT. Under Windows NT operating environment, the system utilizes a real-time multitasking program and a DeviceNet scanner card to build a real-time data acquisition system based on DeviceNet protocol.
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