Title: 自製影像式量測儀之自動化研究
The Study of Automation in CCD Camera Measurement Device
Authors: 王彰群
Chang-Qun Wang
Dr. Pi-Ying Cheng
Keywords: 影像處理;三角量測法;自動化;CCD;image process;triangulation;automation
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本篇論文旨在改良一發展中之三次元影像座標量測儀,改良前的量測儀是由兩組步進馬達以及一組CCD攝影機架構於附有水平滑軌的機構上所構成,利用三角量測法來做量測,使用上需不少人力的操作協助,費時甚多。本研究將水平滑軌加裝馬達控制軸,使其與其他兩軸及影像系統整合,達到自動化的量測操作。此外,應用上移動物體的影像追蹤,整合進機台的功能中,利用追蹤的特性使鏡頭能對準移動中的目標物,使量測兩點間的時間縮短,使整體量測速度能提昇,並且使操作上更加的便利,達到量測系統的自動化。
This thesis presents the efficient method including the image tracking and triangular distance measurement technology to improve the three-dimensional coordinate measurement device. The target device composed of two stepping motors and one CCD camera in simple structure. The device has been installed a horizontal linear slider, and it was integrated with the original motion controller and image processing system. The current system is applying the theory of moving object tracking algorithm, integrating with the three-dimensional coordinate measurement system, and it has been successfully proved that it can increase the measurement speed and accuracy on three-dimensional coordinate automatic measurement and illustrated as an improved NCTU_CIDM_2000i 3D measurement system.
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