Title: 主動式防震平台
Authors: 劉偉武
Weiwu Liu
Mingsian Bai
Keywords: 主動式防震平台;多輸入多輸出控制;線性二次高斯控制;μ分析與合成;active vibration isolation platform;multiple channel control;linear quadratic gaussian;μ analysis and synthesis
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 在本研究中,探討了數種防震平台的架構與控制方法,以期發展出更有避震效果的主動式防震平台。由於控制器彼此之間的偶合的效應,故以多輸入多輸出控制來處理這個問題。在架構上我們研究了兩種以三個支架支撐的防震平台。為了減少位於平台上方不確定負載的動態對整個系統的影響與降低控制器彼此之間的偶合的效應,我們在結構一加裝中間層而形成結構二。在控制方法上,我們使用了兩種控制方法,即線性二次高斯控制與 合成,以達成系統在強健穩定的條件下,仍有良好的控制效能為目標。數值模擬與實驗將用於驗證文中所提出之概念,結果並顯示出,藉由 合成所設計的控制系統,其控制性能具有更加的強健性。
This paper investigates several structures and control algorithms to develop more effective designs for active vibration isolation control. Because of the coupling between actuators, multiple channel control is used to deal with the problem. Two structures of the active vibration isolation system are implemented with statically balanced symmetric three-mount systems. To reduce the effects of payload dynamics and decoupling the interaction between the control actuators, some intermediate mass are added into the structure 1 to for the structure 2. Two control methods, the linear quadratic gaussian control and synthesis, are employed in the system to reach bobust performance. Numerical simulation and experimental investigations are conducted to prove the overall concepts. The results showed that by synthesis design, optimal controllers achieve desired performance under the constraint of and robust stability via a synthesis procedure.
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