Title: 全自動駕駛之控制系統設計與模擬
Design and Simulation of Fully Automated Steering Control System
Authors: 林士瀚
Lin Shih-Han
Chen Chieh
Keywords: 全自動駕駛;駕駛控制;側向控制;擾動觀測器設計;側滑角估測;Fully automated steering;steering control;lateral control;disturbance observer;slip angle
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 如何改善交通擁塞情形一直是現代社會中很重要的課題之一,尤其針對公路上的壅塞情形,因此近年來已有智慧型運輸系統(Intelligent Transportation Systems, ITS) 之研究,而先進車輛控制系統 (Advanced Vehicle Control Systems, AVCS)則為智慧型運輸系統中重要的一環。在先進車輛控制系統之駕駛控制(Steering Control)這個研究領域,依據控制目的的不同,可將其區分為輔助駕駛控制系統 (Driver-Assisted Steering Control System) 以及全自動駕駛控制系統 (Fully Automated Steering Control System),本研究內容著重在車輛駕駛動態系統的設計與模擬,設計概念源於分解偏轉動態系統﹙Yaw Dynamic System Decoupling﹚,而設計目的在於使得車輛前輪轉向角輸入與感測器所量測到的側向加速度為一常數關係,如此一來降低了設計控制器的困難度,基於此,在此架構之下,將利用擾動觀測器來提供車輛本身以及設計方法的穩健性;此外,並建立車輛動態模擬系統以及使用者介面,以藉此驗證設計方法的正確性以及可行性。
One of the important issues in the society is the traffic congestion especially on highways, and it has been existed for a long while. More recently, due to the deteriorated traffic congestion on highways, steering control of automated vehicles has been studied extensively in the context of Intelligent Transportation Systems﹙ITS﹚among researchers throughout the world in the past several years. Besides, automated steering control has been a fascinating research topic in the area of Advanced Vehicle Control Systems﹙AVCS﹚. According to the goal of the steering control, it can be separated into driver-assisted steering control and fully automated steering control. In the thesis, the designed method and simulated programs including the graphical user interface(GUI) are proposed. The concept of the designed method is referenced to the dynamic look-ahead scheme proposed by C.Chen. And the resulting steering system can be simplified into a double-integrator vehicle dynamics with a constant open-loop gain, therefore the difficulties of designing controller have been made more easily. Then the disturbance observer has been implemented in order to ensure the robustness of the steering system and the control law, and the establishment of the simulated programs and GUI is to verify the accuracy and practicability of the designed method.
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