Title: 飛行平台油壓伺服控制的改良
Improvement of Flight Simulator through Motion Control on Hydraulic Cylinder
Authors: 江仁傑
Ren-Jie Jiang
Jih-Hua Chin
Keywords: 脈波頻率調變法;飛行模擬器;三自由度;PFM;flight simulator;three degree of freedom
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本文針對電液伺服閥控制之飛行平台液壓系統,分析評估PID、PWM以及PFM三種控制方法,依據飛行模擬器性能指標的數據來判斷控制器的優劣,鑑別該三種控制法在操控模擬飛行動作時之誤差。
In the flight simulator frame, there are some unpredicted deviations produced by washout filter when passing through hydraulic system. In this paper, PID, PWM, and PFM controllers are used to control the servo valve to get compensation for hydraulic system. And the performance indicator is modified to analyze the error generated by the hydraulic system of the flight simulator with three controllers.
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