Title: 國家創新體系運作對我國生物技術產業發展之影響
The Effect of National Innovation System to the Development of Biotech Industry in Taiwan
Authors: 林佳燕
Chia-Yen Lin
Dr. Jen-Hung Huang
Keywords: 國家創新體系;生物技術產業;知識經濟;AHP層級次序分析法;National Innovation System;Biotech industry;Knowledge based economy;Analytic Hierarchy Process
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 摘要 生物技術產業的發展已成為二十一世紀全球科技發展的必然趨勢之一,世界各國莫不透過政府、研究機構及產業間的互動交流(國家創新體系的運作),從技術擴散到知識創造流動與累積等,以促成生物技術產業的成功發展。本研究主要目的為對國家創新系統中各子體系間的相互關連性與重要程度進行分析,再循此模式提出我國生技產業的發展優勢及較佳的模式。本研究針對台灣生物技術產業相關業者、相關的產官學研等機構加以分析,透過專家訪談的方式建立整體國家體系的策略架構,並透過層級次序分析法(AHP)將國家創新體系架構運作之權重分配,提出國家創新體系運作在產業發展過程中的優先性。 經分析後發現:1. 就產官學研四大體系分工來看,我國生技產業發展的最重要的角色仍以產業本身為主(權重0.43),即唯有透過產業本身的創新與產品商品化,生技產業才有其發展的空間。2. 產業聚落的形成對整體產業發展則是產業發展策略執行首要方向(權重0.056)。3. 學術與研究單位對於研發成果的貢獻與產業本身具有相當重要地位,兩者合起來的權重合計為0.466,顯見其地位之重要程度。4. 政府機構的政策執行則僅佔整體發展權重0.104,對產業發展貢獻較小。最後本研究針對我國生技產業發展的整體性資源分配提出建議:最優先加強的是建立完整的產業架構,健全體制的發展,其次是建立產官學研之間的連結體系,進而加強基礎研究人才的培育,強化網路連結的強度。
ABSTRACT Biotech has become an important trend in the development of high tech industry in the twenty-first century. To provide a fertile ground for the biotech industry, countries all over the world are fostering interaction and cooperation among the industry, government agencies, research institutes and universities. The purpose of this study is to analyze the importance and its interrelationship between various sectors in the national innovation system. This research covers biotech companies in Taiwan. As well as various members in other sectors. Through the knowledge collecting method of interviewing with experts, a research structure is constructed and the “AHP- Analysis Hierarchy Process” method is applied in order to find the priority of various strategies that we have build from the previous study. After the “AHP analysis”, we find that: 1. The most important factor is the industry (AHP weight is 0.43). 2. The formation of industry cluster is the first step in the execution of such strategy (AHP weight is 0.056). 3. The cooperation between universities and research institutes are also crucial to the health and success of the industry (sum of AHP is 0.056). 4. The participation of government received the least weighting score of 0.104. Government merely plays a supporting role. Finally, we conclude and suggest that Taiwan should build and support a complete industry infrastructure (industry cluster) first, and subsequently develop a close network between different sectors in our national biotech innovation system.
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