Title: 我國砷化鎵產業關鍵成功因素之探討-以磊晶廠商為例
A Study on Key Success Factors of GaAs Industry in Taiwan-The Case of Epi-Wafer Manufacturers
Authors: 蔡明岡
Ming-Gang Tsai
Dr. Pao-Long Chang
Keywords: 砷化鎵產業;磊晶廠商;關鍵成功因素;鑽石模型;五力分析;GaAs Industry;Epi-Wafer Manufacturers;Key Success Factors, KSFs;Diamond Model;Five Competitive Forces
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 隨著無線通訊的快速成長,對於適合微波應用的砷化鎵IC形成可觀的市場需求。因此本研究欲針對我國砷化鎵產業中的磊晶廠商進行深入分析,以增進對砷化鎵磊晶業的了解,並從中學習關鍵成功因素的意涵。 本研究藉由相關資料之蒐集與專家訪談,並運用Michael E. Porter所提出的「鑽石模型」與「五力分析」,整合出我國砷化鎵產業現況與砷化鎵磊晶業關鍵成功因素之分析。最後對相關對象提出本研究的結論與建議。
With the fast growth of wireless communication, GaAs IC suitable for microwave form a considerable market demand. By visiting companies, interviewing experts and collecting industry reports, applying Michael E. Porter’s 「Diamond model」 and 「Five competitive forces」 ,this paper idendified key success Factors of GaAs epi-wafer manufacturers in taiwan.Finally, this paper provide suggestions for the future direction of epi-wafer manufactures in taiwan.
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